Alfredo Russo – “Subtract the Obvious and Add the Meaningful”

At the heart of Alfredo Russo’s cooking lies a fascinating journey into the discovery of authentic flavors, a vibrant tribute to the essence of Italian cuisine. Born in 1968 in Turin, Russo has embraced from the outset a revolutionary approach to cooking, embodied in his unmistakable motto: “Subtract the obvious and add the meaningful.” This philosophy translates into an unceasing pursuit of pure taste, where each ingredient is enhanced in its natural recognizability.

Growing up in the fertile culinary soil of Piedmont, Russo has skillfully tapped into and reinterpreted Italian traditions, infusing his dishes with personal memories that resonate on a collective level. His early steps in the world of catering led him to develop a distinctive style, combining the richness of Italian cuisine with an innovative creative spirit.

gourmet dish chef alfredo russo
gourmet dish chef alfredo russo

A Revolutionary Approach to Italian Cuisine

1990 marks a turning point in his career. Together with his wife Stefania, Russo opens the Dolce Stil Novo restaurant in Ciriè. The restaurant quickly gains a Michelin star, establishing Russo as a pioneer in the culinary landscape. His fame crosses Italian borders, with appearances on international TV programs like “Iron Chef” and the publication of three acclaimed cookbooks, in addition to being a highly followed speaker at numerous international culinary congresses.

Russo, acclaimed chef and visionary, is considered one of the most influential Italian chefs. His ability to embrace complexity without falling into unnecessary complications has inspired generations of cooks. Iconic dishes like “pasta in bianco with oil and Parmesan,” “dried tomato egg,” “vegetable past,” and “100-hour candied lemon,” show how his cuisine, despite its apparent simplicity, surprises in depth and purity of flavors.

Collaboration with prestigious hotel chains has brought the true essence of modern Italian cuisine to an international audience. His art, more than a visual exhibition, is a culinary exploration that celebrates ingredients in their purest form.

Alfredo Russo, with his inexhaustible dedication and artistic talent, continues to shine in the firmament of contemporary Italian cuisine. His mastery is revealed in the ability to transform the simplest ingredients into culinary masterpieces, demonstrating that true greatness lies in the elegance of simplicity, masterfully executed.

Exquisite Gastronomic Services

advice from Michelin-starred chef Alfredo Russo


With an extraordinary career and a decade of experience consistently at the forefront of international cuisine, and a Michelin star, Alfredo Russo continues to offer his services as a consultant for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in the gastronomic sector. Developing innovative menus, training kitchen staff, or creating exceptional culinary experiences are activities that can truly add value for clients.


For years, Alfredo Russo has been sharing his knowledge and passion through customized training programs. These workshops and coaching sessions are designed “ad hoc” for emerging chefs and kitchen teams, focusing on advanced techniques, culinary trends, and the philosophy of a cuisine that merges tradition and innovation, reflecting the value of a chef who has earned a Michelin star.

training by star chef alfredo russo
plate for ambassador alfredo russo


As an Ambassador of Italian culinary excellence, Alfredo Russo represents Italian cuisine at international events and promotional campaigns. Thanks to collaborations with prestigious brands such as Lavazza and Audi, his reputation and unique style make him the ideal spokesperson for brands seeking to associate with the exclusivity, value, and quality of Italian gastronomy.

Alfredo Russo’s Restaurants

dolce stil novo restaurant reggia di venaria by alfredo russo
interior restaurant dolce stil novo reggia di venaria by alfredo russo

Dolce Stil Novo – Reggia di Venaria Italy

franklin restaurant by alfredo russo london

The Franklin by Alfredo Russo – London

restaurant la trattoria by alfredo russo london

la trattoria by Alfredo Russo – London

Restaurant gastro by alfredo russo turchia

gastro by alfredo russo – kemer turkey

gastro restaurant by alfredo russo turkey

gastro bY Alfredo Russo – belek turkey

gastro restaurant by alfredo russo turkey


Brand Ambassador

logo lavazza ambassador alfredo russo
logo audi ambassador alfredo russo
logo arcturus group ambassador alfredo russo
logo maxime ambassador alfredo russo
logo sambonet ambassador alfredo russo
Logo Rosenthal Ambassador Alfredo Russo
logo paderno ambassador alfredo russo
michelin star chef alfredo russo


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